Forschungsgruppe "Stochastische Algorithmen und Nichtparametrische Statistik"

Research Seminar "Mathematical Statistics" WS 2021/2022



03.11.2021 Evgeny Stepanov (Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg)
The story of a fish in a turbulent ocean: How to survive and how to return home
Can a fish with limited velocity capabilities reach any point in the (possibly unbounded) ocean? In a recent paper by D. Burago, S. Ivanov and A. Novikov, ''A survival guide for feeble fish", an affirmative answer has been given under the condition that the fluid velocity field is incompressible, bounded and has vanishing mean drift. This brilliant result extends some known point-to-point global controllability theorems though being substantially non constructive. We will give a fish a different recipe of how to survive in a turbulent ocean, and show how this is related to structural stability of dynamical systems by providing a constructive way to change slightly a divergence free vector field with vanishing mean drift to produce a non dissipative dynamics. This immediately leads to closing lemmas for dynamical systems, in particular to C. Pugh's closing lemma, saying also that the fish can eventually return home. Joint work with Sergey Kryzhevich (St. Petersburg).






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