WIAS Preprint No. 925, (2004)

Detection of transient generalized and mutual phase synchronization by clustering and application by single brain signals


  • Hutt, Axel
  • Schrauf, Michael

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 62H11 62H30


  • cluster analysis, multivariate time series, synchronization




The present work introduces an analysis framework for the detection of metastable signal segments in multivariate time series. It is shown that in case of linear data these segments represent transient generalized synchronization, while metastable segments in circular data reflect transient mutual phase synchronization. We propose a single segmentation approach for both types of data considering the space-time structure of the data. Applications to both event-related potentials and single evoked potentials obtained from an auditory oddball experiment reveal the lack of the component P300 in an experimental condition, indicates attention effects in component N100 and shows dramatic latency jitters in single trials. A comparison of the proposed method to a conventional index of mutual phase synchronization demonstrates the superiority of considering space-time data structures.

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