WIAS Preprint No. 869, (2003)

On jump conditions at phase boundaries for ordered and disordered phases


  • Dreyer, Wolfgang

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 74N20 74N25 80A22


  • Free boundaries, phase transitions, ordered and disordered systems




This is a study on jump conditions across the interface between two adjacent phases. The interface behaves as a free boundary, and in sharp interface models jump conditions are used to determine the values of thermodynamic fields at the free boundaries. In this study the jump conditions are derived from balance equations for singular surfaces that do not have singular lines, i.e. triple junctions are not considered here. At first we present the most general form of jump conditions to give a general framework, from where we consider various special cases with a focus on the influence of mechanical fields on the interfacial processes. The special cases include the Hoffmann/Cahn capillarity vector theory and jump conditions for interfaces where order/disorder transitions are involved. Furthermore we discuss interfacial chemical reaction laws, and in particular the creation and annihilation of vacancies at a liquid/solid interface.

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