WIAS Preprint No. 444, (1998)

A study of the coarsening in tin/lead solders


  • Dreyer, Wolfgang
  • Müller, Wolfgang H.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 76R50 82B26 82B24 35K30 35K35


  • Diffusion, phase transision, interface problems, initial value problems for higher order parabolic equations, boundary value problems for higher order parabolic equations




This paper presents a model, which is capable to simulate the coarsening process observed during thermo-mechanical treatment of binary tin-lead solders. Fourier transforms and spectral theory are used for the numerical treatment of the thermo-elastic as well as of the diffusion problem encountered during phase separation in these alloys. More specifically, the analysis is based exclusively on continuum theory, first, relies on the numerical computation of the local stresses and strains in a representative volume element (RVE). Second, this information is used in an extended diffusion equation to predict the local concentrations of the constituents of the solder. Besides the classical driving forces for phase separation, as introduced by Fick and Cahn-Hilliard, this equation contains an additional term which links the mechanical to the thermodynamical problem. It connects internal and external stresses, strains, temperature, as well as concentrations and allows for a comprehensive study of the coarsening and aging process.

Appeared in

  • Internat. J. Solids Structures 37 (2000), no. 28, 3841-3871

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