WIAS Preprint No. 807, (2003)

Dynamical approach to complex regional economic growth based on Keynesian model for China


  • Yanchuk, Serhiy
  • Kristensen, Gustav
  • Sushko, Irina

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 91B62 91B28


  • regional economic growth, China, synchronization, Keynesian model




The paper addresses the problem of complex regional economic growth by using nonlinear Keynesian model with focusing on direct foreign investments effects. We investigate the dynamics of the model for the broad range of parameters which, in particular, contains the parameter values obtained recently by econometric analysis of the data for economic growth in China. For the single-region model we give conditions for which the dynamics of the model will be chaotic or regular. The parameters which prevent the economic stagnation are indicated. Further, we consider the model for two regions with a common trade as a coupling factor. The conditions are given for the two trading systems to exhibit chaotic synchronization, in-phase and out-of-phase behavior.

Appeared in

  • Chaos Soliton Fractals, 18 (2003), pp. 937-952

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