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Dr. Martin Eigel

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Research interests

Association to the Mathematical Topic "Numerical Methods for PDEs with Stochastic Data".

  • Adaptive spectral methods for stochastic PDE
  • Low-rank tensor approximations for stochastic PDE
  • Bayesian inverse problems for UQ
  • Topology and shape optimisation under uncertainties
  • Coupled bulk-surface equations
  • FEM a posteriori error estimators
  • Spatial models in computational biology

Contact details

E-mail Martin.Eigel-please remove this text-@wias-berlin.de
Phone +49 (0) 30 20372 413
Fax +49 (0) 30 20372 412

Current projects

  • Adaptive numerical methods for stochastic PDE: Adaptive spectral methods for problems with stochastic data.
    Joint projects with C. Gittelson, H. Matthies, Ch. Merdon, J. Neumann, Ch. Schwab, E. Zander.
  • Low-rank methods for Stochastic FEM: Efficient adaptive low-rank tensor solvers for SGFEM discretisations of stochastic PDE.
    Joint project with M. Pfeffer, R. Schneider.
  • Functional Bayesian inversion: Inverse problems with stochastically perturbed measurements based on low-rank tensor approximations.
    Joint project with M. Marschall, R. Schneider, E. Zander.
  • Topology and shape optimisation under uncertainties: MATHEON/ECMATH project SE13 concerned with the optimisation of topologies where the state PDE includes uncertain data and the constraints are probabilistic.
    Head of project together with D. Hömberg, R. Henrion, R. Schneider.
  • Coupled bulk-surface equations: Adaptive FEM for error control in the discretisation of coupled systems with components in the bulk and on the surface of a domain.
    Joint project with R. Müller.
  • Transport Processes in Biological Systems: Analysis and numerical simulation of intracellular signalling processes.
    Joint project with W. Giese, E. Klipp.

Short CV

Since March 2013Associate researcher group Hömberg, WIAS, Berlin
November 2010 - February 2013PostDoc group Peterseim, Matheon project C33, Humboldt Universität, Berlin
July 2008 - November 2010PostDoc group Carstensen, Humboldt Universität, Berlin
2008Ph.D., University of Warwick, United-Kingdom
June 2003Diploma, Universität Heidelberg





  • M. Eigel, An Adaptive Meshfree Method for Reaction-Diffusion Processes on Complex Domains,
    University of Warwick, Ph.D. Thesis, 2008
  • M. Eigel, Numerische Simulation von Transportvorgängen in der Zelle,
    Universität Heidelberg, Diploma Thesis, 2003


Uncertainty Quantification and Tensor Approximation WS 2016/17 (TUB)