The group contributes to the following mathematical research topics of WIAS:

Multi-scale modeling, asymptotic analysis, and hybrid models

To understand the interplay between different physical effects one often needs to consider models involving several length scales. The aim in this mathematical topic is the derivation of effective models for the efficient description of the processes. The understanding of the transfer between different scales relies on mathematical methods such as homogenization, asymptotic analysis, or Gamma convergence. The generated effective models are coupled partial differential equations combining volume and interfacial effects. [>> more]

Systems of partial differential equations: modeling, numerical analysis and simulation

The mathematical modelling of many scientific and technological problems leads to (initial) boundary value problems with systems of partial differential equations (PDEs). [>> more]

Theory of dynamical systems

The theory of dynamical systems plays an important role in the mathematical description of time-dependent processes in various fields, such as physics and technology, biology or economics. It includes the study of systems of ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, delay-differential equations and iterated mappings. [>> more]