Main Application Areas

Energy: Technology, Markets, Networks
Analysis, modeling, simulation and optimization of the application of renewable energies as well as of the efficient use of conventional energy resources.
Flow and Transport
Flow and transport of species are important phenomena in many processes in nature and industry. Research topics are the development and analysis of numerical methods as well as their use in simulations of problems coming from applications.
Materials Modeling
Many important processes of industrial production and use of modern and functional materials are accompanied by phase transitions and hysteresis. In tight collaboration with users from industry, physics and chemistry existing as well as newly developed models are studied at WIAS regarding their practical relevance.
Nano- and Optoelectronics
Analysis, modeling, and simulation of semiconductor lasers, semiconductor nanostructures, and other optoelectronic components as well as of semiconductor manufacturing technologies.
Optimization and Control in Technology and Economy
Methods of PDE-constrained optimal control and control of differential algebraic equations are employed in a variety of applications.
Quantitative Biomedicine
Modeling, analysis, simulation, or optimization of various highly relevant processes in clinical practice (modeling of cellular, biochemical, and biomolecular processes; applications in medical engineering, such as the modeling, simulation, and optimization of prostheses or contributions to the area of imaging diagnostics)