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Applied Mathematics at WIAS: Key Technology for Solving Complex Problems

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Throughout the world, modern methods of Applied Mathematics serve as a fundamental resource and a driving force for the scientific-technological progress. In particular, the development of modern technologies and the optimization of industrial production processes are not imaginable any more without the application of the newest methods of Applied Mathematics.

WIAS combines excellent fundamental research in Applied Mathematics with years of successful industrial colaborations. WIAS is therefore a recognized expert in the solution of complex economic, scientific, and technical problems by means of mathematical modeling and numerical simulations.

Our methods can help your company:

  • to reduce costly and resource-intensive experiments in industrial and natural scientific research
  • to shorten your technology and product development cycles to get your products faster and cheaper on the market
  • to improve the quality and the market chances of your products.

Our fields of competency

We offer consulting for single aspects or for the entire problem-solving process, from modeling to the mathematical analysis of the model, the software development and concrete numerical simulations. We provide scientifically based analysis, intelligent consulting, as well as workable problem solutions and help with the implementation of our solutions.

We provide expertise mainly in the following areas:

Modeling processes from very different application areas often leads to similar mathematical structures. WIAS takes advantage of this specific strong point of Applied Mathematics as cross-sectional and structural science. Therefore, our solutions can be applied to a wide variety of other problems.