The group contributes to the following mathematical research topics of WIAS:

Optimal control of partial differential equations and nonlinear optimization

Many processes in nature and technics can only be prescribed by partial differential equations,e.g. heating- or cooling processes, the propagation of acoustic or electromagnetic waves, fluid mechanics. Additionally to challenges in modeling, in various applications the manipulation or controlling of the modeled system is also of interest in order to obtain a certain purpose... [>> more]

Stochastic Optimization

Stochastic Optimization in the widest sense is concerned with optimization problems influenced by random parameters in the objective or constraints. [>> more]

Theory of dynamical systems

The theory of dynamical systems plays an important role in the mathematical description of time-dependent processes in various fields, such as physics and technology, biology or economics. It includes the study of systems of ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, delay-differential equations and iterated mappings. [>> more]