Volker John

Alfonso Caiazzo, Cristian Cárcamo, Medine Demir, Jürgen Fuhrmann, Patrick Jaap, Sarah Katz, Christian Merdon, Baptiste Moreau, Ondřej Pártl, Francesco Romor, Daniel Runge, Holger Stephan, Timo Streckenbach, Marwa Zainelabdeen

Imke Weitkamp

from left to right: Volker John, Alfonso Caiazzo, Cristian Cárcamo, Medine Demir, Jürgen Fuhrmann, Patrick Jaap, Christian Merdon, Baptiste Moreau, Ondřej Pártl, Francesco Romor, Daniel Runge, Holger Stephan, Timo Streckenbach, Marwa Zainelabdeen, Imke Weitkamp

APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING: Mathematical-Technical Software Developer
Apprentices:  Liam Johnen, Mihaela Karcheva-Froch, Fedor Romanov
Instructor: Holger Stephan,   Training Officer: Ingo Bremer

Contact: Phone: +49 30 20372 566 or +49 30 20372 442

RG 3 develops, analyzes and implements modern numerical methods for the solution of partial differential equations and systems of such equations. The methods used are essentially determined by their usability in application projects. The main research activities are

  • development and analysis of numerical methods for partial differential equations,
  • numerical investigation of applications modeled by partial differential equations.
In the field of numerical methods, stabilized finite element and finite volume methods, H^1 conforming as well as H^1 nonconforming discretizations, physically consistent discretizations, and reduced order models (ROMs). The results obtained are used in the development of numerical software, which forms the basis for the application-oriented research activities carried out by the group. These activities concentrate on the areas of semiconductor device and technology simulation, on the simulation of processes from biomedicine, of electrochemical processes as well as of flow processes.