ddfermi - drift diffusion simulation tool


ddfermi is a software prototype which simulates drift diffusion processes in classical and organic semiconductors. It uses a finite volume discretization of the basic semiconductor equations as well as thermodynamically consistent, state-of-the-art flux approximations.


S/PHI/nX library for materials simulation

in cooperation with MPIE Düsseldorf

S/PHI/nX is a C++ library for materials simulation, mostly electronic-structure theory, hosted by MPIE Düsseldorf. It also is a program (sphinx) to perform such simulations using density-functional theory, and k.p theory. In addition, the package offers dozens of specialized programs (add-ons) for smaller tasks related to setup, analysis, post-processing, and other types of simulations.


WIAS-TeSCA for two and three dimensional semi-conductor analysis


Augmented by a vast variety of additional physical phenomena playing a role in the operation of specialized semiconductor devices, WIAS-TeSCA serves to simulate numerically the charge carrier transport in semiconductor devices based upon the drift-diffusion model.