Paper on modeling of quantum light sources published in Physical Review B

The paper describes a novel approach for the simulation of quantum optical semiconductor devices, which connects not only two different fields of physics (namely classical semiconductor device physics and microscopic models for semiconductor quantum dots), but also two different mathematical concepts: Partial differential equations for the semi-classical charge transport and (abstract) operator equations for the quantum dynamics.

The results have been obtained in a collaboration of the research groups "Partial differential equations" and "Laserdynamics", funded by the CRC 787 "Semiconductor Nanophotonics" (subproject B4) and the ERC Advanced Grant "AnaMultiScale".

The paper was published in Physical Review B:
M. Kantner, M. Mittnenzweig and T. Koprucki: Hybrid quantum-classical modeling of quantum dot devices. Phys. Rev. B 96, 205301 (2017)