Alexander Mielke

Karoline Disser, Duy Hai Doan, Thomas Frenzel, Annegret Glitzky, Martin Heida, Hans-Christoph Kaiser, Thomas Koprucki, Matthias Liero, Anieza Maltsi, Oliver Marquardt, Markus Mittnenzweig, Joachim Rehberg, Sina Reichelt, Nella Rotundo

Olga Moiseewa

Honorary Members:
Herbert Gajewski, Konrad Gröger, Jürgen Sprekels


Many fundamental processes in nature and technology can be described by partial differential equations. The research group is working on the analytical theory of such equations (existence, uniqueness, qualitative behaviour) and on the development and implementation of algorithms for their numerical solution. The algorithms are used for the numerical simulation in industrial applications. The functionality of modern materials, for instance, relies on the complex interplay of effects on several length and time scales as well as on different physical effects, such as mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, and electromagnetism. The main topics of research are mathematical models of carrier transport in semiconductors and optoelectronic devices and reaction-diffusion equations for the transport of dopants in solids. Furthermore, nonlinear material models for linearized and nonlinear elasticity and plasticity as well as for systems with internal variables are under study. In this context, we develop in particular methods for abstract evolutionary equations, e.g. gradient systems, and for multiscale problems.


On occasion of his 80th birthday, Prof. Dr. Konrad Gröger was awarded a Honorary Medal by the Czech Mathematical Society for his longlife contribution to cooperation between Czech and German mathematicians, see photos below.