WIAS Preprint No. 1259, (2007)

GEOMS: A software package for the numerical integration of general model equations of multibody systems


  • Steinbrecher, Andreas

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 70E55 65L80


  • differential-algebraic equations, equations of motion, multibody system, numerical integration, simulation




In this paper we present the new numerical algorithm GEOMS for the numerical integration of the most general form of the equations of motion of multibody systems, including nonholonomic constraints and possible redundancies in the constraints, as they may appear in industrial applications. Besides the numerical integration it offers some additional features like stabilization of the model equations, use of different decomposition strategies, or checking and correction of the initial values with respect to their consistency. Furthermore, GEOMS preserves hidden constraints and (possibly) existing solution invariants if they are provided as equations. We will also demonstrate the performance and the applicability of GEOMS for two mechanical examples of different degrees of complexity.

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