EMRM 2023

Energetic Methods for Multi-Component Reactive Mixtures
Modelling, Stability, and Asymptotic Analysis

September 13–15, 2023
WIAS Berlin


EMRM 2023 starts on Wednesday, September 13, 2023 in the morning (at about 9am) and ends on Friday, September 15, 2023 around noon. There will be 10 keynote lectures (45 + 5 minutes) as well as 12 short communications (15 + 5 minutes) and 3 posters. On Thursday evening, we will have a workshop dinner.

Details can be found in the final program and the book of abstracts.

Participants of EMRM 2023

Scientific Scope

EMRM 2023 is devoted to the mathematical analysis of PDE models for multi-component systems and reactive mixtures. The main topics are

  • diffusion models,
  • hydrodynamic models,
  • hyperbolic–parabolic systems,
  • asymptotic analysis.

The workshop places particular emphasis on methods based on an energy or entropy structure, which have proved crucial for questions concerning existence, stability, and the study of asymptotic limits. EMRM 2023 will specifically address problems related to

  • chemical reaction–diffusion processes,
  • biological transport and cross-diffusion phenomena,
  • multi-phase flows in hydrodynamics.
A key challenge is the intrinsic interaction between different constituents with further effects such as heat conduction, electrostatic forces, and compressibility.

EMRM 2023 shall provide a platform for experts and early-career researchers to discuss current research results and future directions.

We refer to the poster of our workshop for a condensed version of the information provided below.

Invited Speakers


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