Dietmar Hömberg

Vitalii Aksenov, Ingo Bremer, Martin Eigel, Holger Heitsch, René Henrion, Nina Kliche, Robert Lasarzik, Charles Miranda, Luisa Plato, Janina Schütte, Marcel Śliwiński, David Sommer

Anke Giese

External PhD student:
Maximilian Reiter

From left to right:
Vitalii Aksenov, Ingo Bremer, Martin Eigel, Anke Giese, Holger Heitsch, René Henrion
Dietmar Hömberg, Nina Kliche, Robert Lasarzik, Charles Miranda, Luisa Plato, Janina Schütte
David Sommer


The research group investigates problems from optimization, optimal control, as well as inverse problems in technological and economic applications. The work covers basic research regarding analysis and numerics, the development of efficient algorithms and software and the solution of application problems. A specific research focus is the investigation of special structures due to uncertain and non-smooth data. In their research, the group touches almost all main application areas of the WIAS and concentrates on the topics

  • Stochastic and non-smooth optimization
  • High-dimensional parameterized inverse problems
  • Optimal control of multifield and multiscale problems


We organized the Workshop “Frontiers of Stochastic Optimization and its Applications in Industry” which took place from May 10 - 12, 2023.

The Berlin Study Group with Industry (ESGI 175) took place at WIAS from September 18 to 22, 2023.