WIAS Preprint No. 2839, (2021)

Nonlinear dynamical properties of frequency swept fiber-based semiconductor lasers


  • Slepneva, Svetlana
  • Pimenov, Alexander

2010 Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme

  • 42.55.Px 42.65.Sf 42.60.Mi 42.55.Ah 02.30.Ks


  • Semiconductor lasers, swept source, nonlinear dynamics, turbulence, dispersion




We investigate dynamics of semiconductor lasers with fiber-based unidirectional ring cavity that can be used as frequency swept sources. We identify key factors behind the reach dynamical behaviour of such lasers using state-of-the-art experimental and analytical methods. Experimentally, we study the laser in static, quasi-static and synchronisation regimes.We apply experimental methods such as optical heterodyne or electric field reconstruction in order to characterise these regimes or study the mechanisms of transition between them. Using a delay differential equation model, we demonstrate that the presence of chromatic dispersion can lead to destabilisation of the laser modes through modulational instability, which results in undesirable chaotic emission. We characterise the instability threshold both theoretically and experimentally, and demonstrate deterioration of the FDML regime near the threshold.

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