WIAS Preprint No. 2290, (2016)

Localization of the principal Dirichlet eigenvector in the heavy-tailed random conductance model


  • Flegel, Franziska

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 47B80 47A75 60J27


  • random conductance model, Dirichlet spectrum, eigenfunction localization, heavy tails




We study the asymptotic behavior of the principal eigenvector and eigenvalue of the random conductance Laplacian in a large domain of Zd (d ≥ 2) with zero Dirichlet condition. We assume that the conductances w are positive i.i.d. random variables, which fulfill certain regularity assumptions near zero. If γ = sup q ≥ 0; E [w^-q]<∞ <¼, then we show that for almost every environment the principal Dirichlet eigenvector asymptotically concentrates in a single site and the corresponding eigenvalue scales subdiffusively. The threshold γrm c = ¼ is sharp. Indeed, other recent results imply that for γ>¼ the top of the Dirichlet spectrum homogenizes. Our proofs are based on a spatial extreme value analysis of the local speed measure, Borel-Cantelli arguments, the Rayleigh-Ritz formula, results from percolation theory, and path arguments.

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