WIAS Preprint No. 2270, (2016)

Tetrahedral mesh improvement using moving mesh smoothing and lazy searching flips


  • Dassi, Franco
  • Kamenski, Lennard
  • Si, Hang

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 65N50 65K10


  • mesh improvement,, moving mesh,, edge flipping,, mesh quality,, mesh smoothing




In this paper we combine two new smoothing and flipping techniques. The moving mesh smoothing is based on the integration of an ordinary differential coming from a given functional. The lazy flip technique is a reversible edge removal algorithm to automatically search flips for local quality improvement. On itself, these strategies already provide good mesh improvement, but their combination achieves astonishing results which have not been reported so far. Provided numerical examples show that we can obtain final tetrahedral meshes with dihedral angles between 40 and 123 degrees. We compare the new method with other publicly available mesh improving codes.

Appeared in

  • Procedia Engineering, 163 (2016) pp. 302--314.

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