WIAS Preprint No. 875, (2003)

High order central schemes applied to relativistic multicomponent flows


  • Qamar, Shamsul

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 65M99 65Y20


  • multicomponent flows, relativistic Euler equations, central schemes, higher order accuracy




The dynamics of inviscid multicomponent relativistic fluids may be modelled by the relativistic Euler equations, augmented by one (or more) additional species equation (s). We use high-resolution central schemes to solve these equations. The equilibrium states for each component are coupled in space and time to have a common temperature and velocity. The current schemes can handle strong shocks and the oscillations near the interfaces are negligible, which usually happens in the multicomponent flows. The schemes also guarantee the exact mass conservation for each component and the exact conservation of total momentum and energy in the whole particle system. The central schemes are robust, reliable, compact and easy to implement. Several one- and two-dimensional numerical test cases are included in this paper, which validate the application of these schemes to relativistic multicomponent flows.

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