WIAS Preprint No. 857, (2003)

Stability and bifurcations in neural fields with axonal delay and general connectivity


  • Atay, Fatihcan M.
  • Hutt, Axel

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 92C20


  • synaptic networks, non-local interaction, delay, bifurcations, spatial patterns, travelling waves




A stability analysis is presented for neural field equations in the presence of axonal delays and for a general class of connectivity kernels and synaptic properties. Sufficient conditions are given for the stability of equilibrium solutions. It is shown that the delays play a crucial role in non-stationary bifurcations of equilibria, whereas the stationary bifurcations depend only on the kernel. Bounds are determined for the frequencies of bifurcating periodic solutions. A perturbative scheme is used to calculate the types of bifurcations leading to spatial patterns, oscillatory solutions, and traveling waves. For high transmission speeds a simple method is derived that allows the determination of the bifurcation type by visual inspection of the Fourier transforms of the connectivity kernel and its first moment. Results are numerically illustrated on a class of neurologically plausible second order systems with combinations of Gaussian excitatory and inhibitory connections.

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