WIAS Preprint No. 745, (2002)

Asymptotic analysis of surface waves at vacuum/porous medium interface: Low-frequency range


  • Edelman, Inna

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 35C20 35L50 74J15 74J10 35B32


  • porous media, bulk waves, surface waves, asymptotics, bifurcation




Existence and propagation of the surface waves at a free interface of a saturated porous medium are investigated in the low-frequency range. Similar to the high-frequency range, two types of surface waves are proven to be possible: the generalized Rayleigh wave, which exists always and propagates almost without attenuation and the Stoneley wave, which exists for a limited range of wave numbers and is strongly attenuated. Bifurcation behavior of both the Stoneley wave and the Biot slow bulk wave depending on wave number is revealed.

Appeared in

  • Wave Motion 39 (2004), pp. 111--127

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