WIAS Preprint No. 501, (1999)

Biodiversity of Catalytic Super-Brownian Motion


  • Fleischmann, Klaus
  • Klenke, Achim

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 60J80 60G57 60K35


  • superprocess, genetic abundance, equilibrium states, extinction, instantaneous propagation of matter




In this paper we investigate the structure of the equilibrium state of three-dimensional catalytic super-Brownian motion where the catalyst is itself a classical super-Brownian motion. We show that the reactant has an infinite local biodiversity or genetic abundance. This contrasts the finite local biodiversity of the equilibrium of classical super-Brownian motion.

Another question we address is that of extinction of the reactant in finite time or in the long-time limit in dimensions d = 2,3. Here we assume that the catalyst starts in the Lebesgue measure and the reactant starts in a finite measure. We show that there is extinction in the long-time limit if d = 2 or 3. There is, however, no finite time extinction if d = 3 (for d = 2 this problem is left open). This complements a result of Dawson and Fleischmann (1997a) for d = 1 and again contrasts the behaviour of classical super-Brownian motion.

As a key tool for both problems we show that in d = 3the reactant matter propagates everywhere in space immediately.

Appeared in

  • Ann. Appl. Prob. 10 (2000), pp. 1121-1136

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