WIAS Preprint No. 403, (1998)

One-Particle Stochastic Lagrangian Model for Turbulent Dispersion in Horizontally Homogeneous Turbulence


  • Kurbanmuradov, Orazgeldy
  • Sabelfeld, Karl

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 65C05 76F99 65C20


  • Stochastic models of turbulence, Generalized Langevin stochastic differential equation, Eulerian and Lagrangian one- and two-particle stochastic models of turbulent transport, particle dispersion in the surface layer of the turbulent atmosphere




A one-particle stochastic Lagrangian model in 2D and 3D dimensions is constructed for transport of particles in horizontaly homogeneous turbulent flows with arbitrary one-point probability density function. It is shown that in the case of anisotropic turbulence with gaussian pdf, this model essentially differs from the known Thomson's model. The results of calculations according to our model in the case of neutrally stratified atmospheric surface layer agree satisfactorily with the measurements known from the literature.

Appeared in

  • Monte Carlo Methods and Appl., 4 (1998), No. 2, pp. 127-140

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