WIAS Preprint No. 286, (1996)

Postrelativity - a paradigm for quantization with preferred Newtonian frame


  • Schmelzer, Ilja




We define a new paradigm - postrelativity - based on the hypothesis of a preferred hidden Newtonian frame in relativistic theories. It leads to a modification of general relativity with ether interpretation, without topological problems, black hole and big bang singularities. Semiclassical theory predicts Hawking radiation with evaporation before horizon formation. In quantum gravity there is no problem of time and topology. Configuration space and quasiclassical predictions are different from canonical quantization of general relativity. Uncertainty of the light cone or an atomic structure of the ether may solve ultraviolet problems. The similar concept for gauge fields leads to real, physical gauge potential without Faddeev-Popov ghost fields and Gribov copy problem.

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