WIAS Preprint No. 44, (1993)

Ladungstransport und Oberflächenpotentialkinetik in ungeordneten dünnen Schichten.


  • Brehmer, L.
  • Liemant , Alfred
  • Müller, I.


  • Charge carrier transport, hopping model, localized states, energetic states, distribution, electrical conductivity, surface potential kinetics, transit time




Starting from a microscopic model of the solid a macroscopic nonlinear partial differential equation describes the space charge evolution process in dependence of the energetic distribution of the localized states, electric field strenght a.s.o. Using definite boundary and initial conditions the transport equation can be solved numerically and allows the calculation of important observabeles. A very useful observable both from the scientific and technological point of view is the surface potential and his kinetic. Therefore, the surface potential kinetics is discussed thoroughly in dependence on material parameters, film thickness, and surface charge. Furthermore, it could be calculated the space charge evolution process, the conductivity, transit time, and the concentration of localized states. The interpretation and the numerical solution of the presented transport equation give a new insight in fundamental problems of charge carrier transport in disordered materials

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