WIAS Preprint No. 2894, (2021)

Non-local and local temporal cavity soliton interaction in delay models of mode-locked lasers


  • Vladimirov, Andrei G.
    ORCID: 0000-0002-7540-8380

2020 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 78A60 37N20 78M35

2010 Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme

  • 42.65.-k 42.65.Re 42.60.Fc 42.65.Sf 42.65.Tg


  • Mode-locking, nonlinear mirror, delay differential equation model, cavity solitons




Interaction equations governing slow time evolution of the coordinates and phases of two interacting temporal cavity solitons in a delay differential equation model of a nonlinear mirror mode-locked laser are derived and analyzed. It is shown that non-local pulse interaction due to gain depletion and recovery can lead either to a development of harmonic mode-locking regime, or to a formation of closely packed incoherent soliton bound state with weakly oscillating intersoliton time separation. Local interaction via electric field tails can result in an anti-phase or in-phase stationary or breathing harmonic mode-locking regime.

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