Preprints by WIAS Researchers in Other Preprint Series 2005

  • R. Henrion, Structural properties of linear probabilistic constraints, Preprint no. 13, Stochastic Programming E-Print Series (SPEPS), 2005.
  • D. Knees, A.-M. Sändig, Regularity for nonlinear and linear PDEs in nonsmooth domains, Preprint no. 2005/11, Universität Stuttgart, SFB 404, 2005.
  • D. Knees, Griffith-formula and J-integral for a crack in a power-law hardening material, Preprint no. 2005/12, Universität Stuttgart, SFB 404, 2005.
  • M. Fischer, M. Reiss, Discretisation of stochastic control problems for continuous time dynamics with delay, Discussion paper no. 38, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, SFB 649, 2005.
  • A. Zisowsky, A. Arnold, M. Ehrhardt, Th. Koprucki, Discrete transparent boundary conditions for transient $kp$-Schrödinger equations with application to quantum heterostructures, Preprint no. 166, DFG Priority Program ``Analysis, Modeling and Simulation of Multiscale Problems'', Stuttgart, 2005.