UV Lasers: From Modeling and Simulation to Technology (UVSimTec)

Figure: TU Berlin / Kremzo (3D scheme), FBH / schurian.com (photo)
We see examples of optical technologies in many aspects of everyday life, including communication technology, medical diagnostics, or microscopy. Specifically, lasers emitting in the UV-C spectral range have a huge potential for novel applications in those fields. The existing UV-C laser systems are bulky, short lived and rely on time-consuming maintenance. However, robust and compacted-sized UV-C-emitting laser diodes as a disruptive technology would change paradigms in many areas of life sciences and medicine.

This project will use a combination of simulations and experimental approaches to identify problems of such UV-C laser diodes and advance their technological readiness for future applications.

The project is funded in the framework of the Leibniz competition.

Project Coordinator: Dr. Thomas Koprucki (WIAS)

Cooperating partners: