Mathematical modeling and simulation of substrate-flow interaction
using generalized gradient flows

Project head Dirk Peschka
  • SPP internal: Barbara Wagner/Ralf Seemann, Dorothea Helmer, Sebastian Aland, Uwe Thiele.
  • SPP external: Luca Heltai (Trieste), Andreas Münch (Oxford), Karin Jacobs (Saarbrücken), Marcello Sega (London).
  • WIAS Berlin: Marita Thomas, Alexander Mielke.

Scope: This project considers the thermodynamically consistent treatment of flows over substrates whose dynamics is strongly coupled to the properties or the dynamics of this substrate. Methodically, the work concentrates on so-called gradient flows, i.e. model descriptions in which conservative forces are in optimal equilibrium with dissipative friction forces. While such descriptions are already well studied in the classical case, i.e. quadratic dissipation in volume, the aim of the present proposal is the systematic extension of these approaches to non-quadratic dissipations and the inclusion of free interfaces and contact lines. Especially for dewetting processes, the preliminary work of the PI has shown that the inclusion of such approaches is of essential importance.

Acknowledgement: This research is carried out in the framework of the DFG funded SPP 2171 Dynamic Wetting of Flexible, Adaptive, and Switchable Substrates. The first funding period of the project started September 2019 and the second funding period started January 2023.