ESCO 2022 Best Paper Award to Sarah Katz and co-authors

The work on Blood Flow Simulations and the Sensitivity of Quantities of Interest on the Numerical Modeling, which results from a collaboration with the Institute of Computer-assisted Cardiovascular Medicine of the Charité, was awarded a Best Student Paper Award at the ESCO 2022 conference (authors: J. Brüning (Charité), A. Caiazzo (WIAS), L. Goubergrits (Charité), V. John (WIAS), S. Katz (WIAS), U. Wilbrandt (WIAS)).

Subject of the research are blood flow simulations in the upper aorta and the comparison of different turbulence models with respect to parameters of medical interest. It could be shown that e.g. significant quantitative differences occur between turbulence models in pressure drop between cross sections and in wall shear stress, while time-averaged eccentricity and turbulence measures are similar for comparably refined models.

Comparison of immanent velocity fields with two turbulence models (shows that the RB VMS model leading to very efficiently solvable step equations has a strong smoothing character, compared to the σ model, which is a classical LES approach aimed at avoiding excessive artificial diffusion).