Weierstrass Institute successfully evaluated!

Senate of the Leibniz Association recommends continuation of joint funding by Fedaral Government and Federal States as a result of an evaluation conducted in 2017.

The Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics carries out research in applied mathematics. The fundamental work of the institute in the modeling, the theoretical interpretation of models, and the development of numerical methods has a high practical relevance, e.g., for the development of litium-ion batteries or in biomedical imaging.

In its statement that was published today, the Senate of the Leibniz Association acknowledges WIAS as an internationally outstanding institution. With its holistic approach to the solution of mathematical problems, the institute has an important unique feature. It has a cutting-edge position in the interlocking of different mathematical approaches and develops on this basis novel practice-oriented methods.

The Senate underlines the outstanding research and publication output of the institute and praises the intense knowledge and technology transfer of WIAS via its cooperations with industry. As for long-term software developments at the institute, the Senate recommends, among other things, that the institute considers more, in the future, the possibility of spin-offs on the basis of market-ready or already well-established software packages.

The high, world-wide appreciation of WIAS is documented especially by the fact that the institute has been the headquarters of the Secretariat of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) for some years. The IMU awards, e.g., the Fields Medal that is often called the “Nobel Prize of Mathematics”. The Senate emphasizes its support for the current international application of the institute to become the permanent headquarters of the IMU Secretariat, because this decision of the IMU is important not only for mathematics and the Federal State of Berlin, but for the whole of Germany as an important part of the global scientific landscape.

The Senate recommends the Federal Government and the Federal States of Germany to continue their joint funding of WIAS.

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