Leibniz Association is funding W. Dreyer's research project Mathematical Models for Phase Transitions in Lithium-ion Batteries

According to the National Development Plan Electromobility of the German Federal Government, by 2020, there shall be at least one million electric vehicles on german roads. In order to reach this objective, new materials for Lithium-ion batteries are developed and optimized. The understanding of electrochemical and physical processes inside the battery and their mathematical description play a more and more important part.

In this research project, mathematical models will be developed to investigate and to improve electrodes for Lithium-ion batteries that share the following properties:

  • they store the Lithium in a many particle system
  • there are phase transitions in the many particle system during the charging and the discharging of the battery.

Both properties are fullfilled by most currently common electrode materials.

The project will be funded between July 2012 and June 2015 within the scope of the competetive procedure of the Leibniz Association. Three additional scientists may be employed during this period.