Marita Thomas

Mohammad Hassan Farshbaf Shaker, Xin Liu, Dirk Peschka, Sven Tornquist, Andrea Zafferi

Andrea Eismann

Upcoming Events:
  • TES-Seminar on Energy-based Mathematical Methods and Thermodynamics within the Thematic Einstein Semester, winter term 2020/21
  • GAMM 2021, 91st Annual GAMM Meeting, Kassel, 15th -- 19th March, 2021
    Section S11 ”Interfacial flows” organised by Markus Scholle (Hochschule Heilbronn), Dirk Peschka (WIAS Berlin)
    Section S14 ”Applied analysis” organised by Dorothee Knees (University of Kassel), Marita Thomas (WIAS Berlin/ University of Kassel)