Marita Thomas

Dirk Peschka, Sven Tornquist, Andrea Zafferi

Andrea Eismann, Olga Moiseewa

Upcoming Events:

31.01.-01.02.2019, WIAS Berlin, Kick-off Meeting of the ECMI Special Interest Group "Modeling, Simulation and Optimization in Electrical Engineering (MSOEE)"



Research goal of the group is the development of mathematical methods for systems with bulk-interface processes for the
  • thermodynamically consistent modeling of bulk-interface interaction with dissipative, Hamiltonian, and coupled dynamics,
  • theory for the existence and qualitative properties of solutions,
  • derivation and justification of interfacial processes and coupling conditions.

The analytical results form the basis for the development of numerical algorithms supporting simulations for applications with bulk-interface interaction.

Currently, the following applications are treated within the group:

Mechanical stresses and progression of damage for a tension test with a notched bar using a BV-regularized damage model Cross-section through a laser-device: The optically active germanium region displays the hole currents (colors) and the contour lines of the main mode (red lines) P1 FEM solution of free boundary problem showing thin droplets sliding down an inclined plane