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Wednesday, 29.09.2021, 11:30 (Online Event)
Seminar Interacting Random Systems
Michiel Renger, WIAS Berlin:
Open problem: large deviations of transport maps (online talk)
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Online Event

Motivated by nonequilibrium thermodynamics, we are interested in large deviations for transport maps as the number of particles n goes to infinity. We first focus on the simplest setting of independent Markovian particles on a finite state space, which already poses mathematical challenges. Let n Γ _xy(s,t) be the number of particles that were at position x at time s and at position y at time t. Common large-deviation techniques for random trajectories exploit the Markov property (in one time variable). However, Γ has two time dimensions; can we reformulate Γ as a Markov process?

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Seminar Interacting Random Systems (Online Event)

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