WIAS Preprint No. 194, (1995)

Error bounds of discretization methods for boundary integral equations with noisy data


  • Bruckner, Gottfried
  • Prößdorf, Siegfried
  • Vainikko, Gennadi

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 65R30 65R20


  • logarithmic difference kernel, collocation method, quadrature formula, perturbations, error analysis, Sobolev spaces, Hölder-Zygmund spaces, Symm´s integral equation


The influence of small perturbations in the kernel and the right-hand side of boundary integral equations, e.g. of Symm's integral equation, discretized by collocation or quadrature formula methods, is analyzed in Sobolev and Hölder-Zygmund norms.

Appeared in

  • Applicable Analysis 63, (1996), pp. 25-37.

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