Scientific Computing (Wissenschaftliches Rechnen)

TU Berlin, Winter Semester 2020/2021

Exam plan

I only have been able to convey the necessary topics for the Voronoi finite volume method, so exams will be based on this.

I offer two ways for the exams:

Exam dates.

Please note as many as possible dates in the following google sheet Mark your intended type of exam with 'p' or 'c', respectively.

Content Summary

Administrative Information


We are 50 students now (2020-11-04)!

For registering, please send an email to juergen dot fuhrmann at wias minus berlin dot de with the following information:

Any additional information regarding interests, previous experience (courses, programming skills) etc. is appreciated but not mandatory.

I will use the email address you use for inscription for all online communication with you. Please let me know if you need to change it.

Please do not forget to send me your "Matrikelnummer" once you obtain it.

Lecture mode

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, I plan to record all lectures and make the videos available online. Course material (pdf slides, Pluto notebooks) will be posted on this page.

Lecture dates

Lecture time slots are Thursday, Friday 16:00-18:00. I will be available online (zoom, zulip chat) during these times. Also I am contemplating the possibility of physical meetings if possible under the pandemic rules.

I intend to organize material in weekly sets of topics, and (hopefully) will be able to upload the material by Wednesday night each week.


There will be 3-4 programming assignments.


I intend to base exams on coding projects (groups of 1-3 students) and individual reports to be presented/discussed during oral exams.

Previous courses