Mathematical Challenges of Quantum Transport in Nano-Optoelectronic Systems
- Talks -

Anton Arnold
Asymptotically correct finite difference schemes for highly oscillatory ODEs

Raffaella Calarco
Size dependences in III-nitride nanowires

Horia Cornean
On the Keldysh formalism applied to mesoscopic quantum systems

Pavel Exner
Spectra of periodic quantum graphs and the effect of local perturbations

Klaus-Jürgen Friedland
High-mobility electron transport on cylindrical surfaces

Vidar Gudmundsson
Time-dependent transport through a nanostructure coupled to an electromagnetic field in a cavity

Ansgar Jüngel
Diffusion in quantum fluid models for semiconductors

Mathias Käso
Heat transport in hybrid nanosystems using the atomic Green's functions

Thomas Koprucki
Semi-classical modeling of quantum dot lasers with microscopic treatment of Coulomb scattering

Andrei Manolescu
Coulomb and spin-orbit interactions in nanorings

Francis Nier
An explicit model for the adiabatic evolution of quantum observables driven by 1D shape resonances

Igor Yu. Popov
Model of zero-range potentials with internal structure for Maxwell operator

Radu Purice
Eigenfunctions decay for magnetic pseudodifferential operators

Paul Racec
R-matrix and finite volume method for cylindrical nanowire heterostructures

Roxana Racec
Fano effect in open quantum systems

Lukas Wilhelm
An abstract approach to the Landauer-Büttiker formula with application to an LED toy model

Alexander Wilms
Theory of Coulomb scattering in semiconductor quantum dot lasers

Ulrich Wulf
Thermal properties of quantum transistors

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