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12.12.2022Christine Keller (RG 7)

Development of an Ion-Channel Model-Framework

Ion channels are pore-forming proteins in the cell membrane that control a large part of biological processes, e.g., the generation of electrical signals in the nervous and muscle systems. The behavior of ion channels can be studied in the laboratory by measuring the current response to a time-dependent voltage difference. This signal is a unique signature of each channel and its environment, as it varies with the structure of the channel protein and the ion concentration. Its interpretation is therefore of great interest for the development of medications and therapies in medicine. The development of a model-framework can support the interpretation of this current-voltage relation and contribute to a better understanding. In this talk, a model will be presented that describes ion activities in the channel using non-equilibrium thermodynamics and mixing theories. The model accounts for size and correlation phenomena such as space charge competitions and finite volume effects, as well as solvation effects of ions in aqueous electrolytes.

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