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Study Group With Industry

The WIAS - in cooperation with MATH+ and ECMI - is hosting the 175th Euopean Study Group With Industry on 18-22 September 2023.

In these week-long workshops, companies submit mathematical problems to be solved by the participants in groups. The results are then written up in a report and presented to the industrial partners at the end of the week.

This may be a good opportunity to learn of the types of problems faced in an industrial setting (specifically those which are handed off to research institutes) and not only see how well one can handle them, but also to forge direct connections with partners in industry.

Registrations are open until 31 August!

Useful Information

Buddy Sessions

As a result of the employee survey (Mitarbeiterbefragung MAB), a committee was set in place to develop appropriate measures for improving the working conditions at the institute.

One outgrowth of that was to institute a buddy group of volunteers who meet up monthly to offer a platform for discussing challenges and filling general gaps for newcomers to the WIAS.

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Reform of the WissZeitVG

You may have heard through the grapevine that the infamous WissZeitVG is currently in the process of being reformed.

While some suggestions seem to actually constitute an improvement - such as the plan to mandate (within limits) three-year contracts for newly hired PhDs - other parts of it have caused quite a stir in the German academic world. Most notably, the plan is to limit the maximum post-doc employment period under fixed-term contracts to only 3 years.

This has been met with severe criticism by labor unions, some research organizations and even professors who regard this development as significant in impacting the working conditions in academia in a negative fashion.

If you are interested in reading more about the general background and recent developments, especially from an English-speaking point of view, check out the following links:

For German sources, we warmly recommend running bits of text through the DeepL Translator.

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