FVCA7 - The International Symposium of Finite Volumes for Complex Applications VII
Berlin, June 15-20, 2014

Technical hints

The conference hall is equipped with laptop/video projector, whiteboard and a portable microphone. Wireless LAN is available.

Talks should be prepared in PDF or Powerpoint format and copied to the conference laptop at latest before the session starts.

Poster presenters will be given the opportunity to have a 3 minute oral introduction to their work. For this purpose, they should hand over PDF files of their short presentations to the technical assistants preferably the day before their presentations. The movable poster walls can hold posters up to a size of 92x146 cm. This includes A0 format which is 84x119 cm. All material for fixing the posters is available during the conference.

There are rooms for committee meetings and breakout discussions as well as wardrobe and luggage.