Basic window system interface
  • cloned from the tk/aux sample toolkit
  • multiple windows
  • text output
  • application/event controlled mode of the event loop
  • frame dump in ppm format
  • MPEG video recording without frame dump to disk


Framework for rendering data into a given rectangular rendering volume and its interactive exploration.
  • manages interactively controllable light source, plane section, iso-surface values and other data
  • controlled by keyboard and mouse
  • mode control key performs switching between application/event control
  • state file handling
  • display list based scene mechanism


Rendering routines for piecewise linear triangular and tetrahedral finite element data.
  • minimal procedural interface to simplicial meshes: user has to provide a callback for the mesh cell loop which itself at each simplex has to call a routine which is fed with the minimal data:
  • very flexible, easy to call from any data structure, rendering based on algorithms wich use no neigbour information
  • 2D: surfaces, isolines
  • 3D: surfaces/isolines on plane sections, isosurfaces


Scalable vector postscript frame dump.
2010/02/15 T. Streckenbach