SiC Growth by Physical Vapor Transport:
Setup of Growth Apparatus

setup.gif -  Setup of growth apparatus according to 
Pons et.all
Fig. 1: Setup of growth apparatus according to M. PONS, M. ANIKIN, K. CHOUROU, J.M. DEDULLE, R. MADAR, E. BLANQUET, A. PISCH, C. BERNARD, P. GROSSE, C. FAURE, G. BASSET, Y. GRANGE, State of the art in the modelling of SiC sublimation growth , Mater. Sci. Eng. B 61-62 (1999), 18-28.

Results of computations by WIAS-HiTNIHS for the evolution of the temperature at the points Ttop, Tseed , Tpowder surface, Tpowder center, and Tbottom are presented on the page Numerical Results Computed By WIAS-HiTNIHS.

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