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Preprints/Reports an anderen Einrichtungen

L. BARREIRA, Y. PESIN, J. SCHMELING, Dimension of hyperbolic measures - A proof of the Eckmann-Ruelle conjecture, Tech. Report 43, Schwerpunktprogramm Dynamik der DFG, 1996.

T. BARSCH, A. KUNOTH, K. URBAN, Towards object oriented software tools for numerical multiscale methods for p.d.e.s using wavelets, Tech. Report 127, RWTH Aachen, 1996.

H. G. BOTHE, Shift spaces and attractors in non invertible horse shoes, Tech. Report 30, Schwerpunktprogramm Dynamik der DFG, 1996.

B. FIEDLER, B. SANDSTEDE, A. SCHEEL, C. WULFF, Bifurcation from relative equilibria of noncompact group actions: Skew products, meanders, and drifts, Preprint, Freie Universität Berlin, 1996.

F. GUYARD, R. LAUTERBACH, Forced symmetry breaking for periodic solutions, Preprint 36/96, Schwerpunktprogramm der DFG: Dynamik, Analysis, effiziente Simulation und Ergodentheorie, 1996.

J. SCHMELING, A dimension formula for endomorphisms - The Belykh family, Tech. Report 29, Schwerpunktprogramm Dynamik der DFG, 1996.

J. SCHMELING, S. TROUBETZKOY, Dimension and invertibility of hyperbolic endomorphisms with singularities, Tech. Report 24, Schwerpunktprogramm Dynamik der DFG, 1996.
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