MIA 2018

Mathematics and Image Analysis

15-17 January 2018, Berlin, Germany

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Conference Program
The detailed time schedule will be announced soon. Below are the titles and the abstracts of the talks (click on the title to read the abstract):
Pierre-Antoine Absil, Curve fitting on Riemannian manifolds
Björn Andres, Title: TBA
Joan Bruna, Statistics, Computation and Learning with Graph Neural Networks
Julianne Chung, Efficient generalized Golub-Kahan based methods for dynamic imaging
Marco Cuturi, Generative Modeling with Optimal Transport
Yiqiu Dong, Directional Regularization for Image Reconstruction
Remco Duits, Optimal Paths for Variants of the 2D and 3D Reeds-Shepp Car with Applications in Image Analysis
Selim Esedoglu, Auction dynamics: A volume constrained MBO scheme
Andrew Fitzgibbon, Discrete images, continuous world: A basis for discussion?
Bastian Goldlücke, Variational Inverse Problems in Light Field Analysis
Bernadette Hahn, Time-dependent inverse problems in imaging
Martin Holler, Total Generalized Variation for Manifold-valued Data
Jan Lellmann, Measure-Valued Variational Models
Dirk Lorenz, Using the Douglas-Rachford method in imaging
Michael Möller, Edge Aligning Image Regularizations
Peter Ochs, Non-smooth Non-convex Bregman Minimization: Unification and new Algorithms
Xavier Pennec, Barycentric Subspace Analysis: an extension of PCA to Manifolds
Konrad Polthier, Title: Branched Covering Surfaces
Edoardo Provenzi, Retinex-like models in color enhancement
Irène Waldspurger, Alternating projections for phase retrieval with random sensing vectors
Clarice Poon, Multi-dimensional Sparse Super-resolution
Jean-Michel Morel, A theory of anomaly detection in images
Zuowei Shen, Title: TBA
Wotao Yin, Delays are not noise - Asynchronous Parallel Algorithms for Large-Scale Optimization
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