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About the CEIC

The International Mathematical Union's ( Committee on Electronic Information and Communication (CEIC) was established in 1998 and given a very broad mandate to advise the IMU on electronic matters.

At its 70th session on August 16, 2002, in Shanghai the International Mathematical Union (IMU) Executive Committee reviewed the activities of the CEIC and re-established the CEIC for a second term with revised terms of reference which are available in WORD and PDF.

A second quadrennial review was performed in 2005/06 and approved by the IMU General Assembly in August 2006. The revised terms of reference for 2007-2010 are available in WORD, PDF, and HTML. These terms of reference were themselves adjusted at the 2008 Meeting of the IMU Executive Committee. (See below.)

Annual Meetings The Committee met face-to-face in Berlin (November 13-14, 1998), at Berkeley (December 1-5 , 1999), in Vienna (October 5-7, 2000), and in Princeton (May 12-14, 2001) at which time it reported directly to the Executive of the IMU. It met twice in 2002 – in Vancouver (February 15-17, 2002) and at the ICM in Beijing (August 22-27, 2002), where various activities were held. The 2003 meeting took place in Berlin (May 20-22) and the 2004 meeting was held in Duke University (March 19-21). The 2005 and 2006 meetings took place in Grenoble (March 21-23) and Berlin {February 24-26) respectively. There was a second meeting in 2006 in Halifax (December 2-4) and a 2007 meeting in Providence (Nov 2-4). The 2008 meeting (in part joint with the EC) took place in Budapest (April 21-22). Further meetings were:
December 19-20, 2008. 13th CEIC Meeting at Oxford, UK
February 13-14, 2010. 14th CEIC Meeting at Minneapolis, USA.

Each meeting has comprised a working meeting --- initially often along with a workshop or public presentations. The most ambitious workshop, which had over a hundred participants, was that in Berkeley on The Future of Mathematical Communication, 1999:
The presentations can be viewed on line in streaming video through the URL above.

Terms of Reference

A complete record of CEIC terms of reference for 1998-2010 is available in PDF.

Current Terms of Reference (Approved by the IMU Executive Committee in June 2008)

The CEIC is a standing committee of the Executive Committee of the International Mathematical Union, reviewed every four years by the EC at its meeting preceding that of the IMU General Assembly. Members are appointed in even-numbered years for staggered four year terms, normally commencing on January first of the following year, using criteria similar to those for IMU Commissions.

The mandate of the CEIC is to advise the EC on matters concerning information and communication.

The CEIC's duties include:

  • Reporting regularly to the EC, advising it on aspects of IMU operations related to information and communication, including financial implications, and keeping it informed of new developments.
  • Reviewing the development of electronic information, communication, publication, and archiving so as to keep the EC abreast of current and emerging issues.
  • Advising the EC about potential opportunities to endorse standards (`best practice recommendations.) on issues related to publication and communication, including such matters as the use of software and data repositories.
  • Advising the EC about potential opportunities to foster the growth of electronic infrastructure, and selectively creating tools for this purpose (such as the Federated World Directory of Mathematicians or links to other tools).


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