Applied Mathematics and Simulation for Semiconductors

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Monday, October 8, 08:00 - 17:30, ESH
09:00–09:40Bernd WitzigmannSimulation of internal quantum efficiency and carrier transport in III-nitride based UV light emitting diodes
09:40–10:20Anissa ZeghuziTraveling wave simulations of broad-area lasers
10:20–10:50Coffee Break
10:50–11:30Marc Van BarelNonlinear eigenvalue problems and contour integration
11:30–12:10Eric PolizziFEAST v4.0: Tutorial and practices
12:10–12:30Anton ArnoldA hybrid WKB-based method for Schrödinger scattering problems in the semi-classical limit
14:00–14:40Mathieu LuisierContour integral techniques for large-scale quantum transport simulations from first-principles
14:40–15:20Mira TodorovaFrom semiconductor defect chemistry to electrochemistry challenges and insights
15:20–15:50Coffee Break
15:50–16:30Paola PietraA quantum drift diffusion model for strongly confined nanostructures: Modeling, numerics and hybrid strategy
16:30–17:10Gerhard WachutkaPredictive ``multiphysics'' simulation of µ-structured devices at the rim of the safe-operating area and beyond
Tuesday, October 9, 09:00 - 21:00, ESH
09:00–09:40Robert EisenbergIons in solutions and channels: Physical and biological plasmas
09:40–10:20Boris ZaltzmanElectro-convective instability in concentration polarization
10:20–10:50Coffee Break
10:50–11:30Marie-Therese WolframOn Poisson--Nernst--Planck models for solid state nanopores
11:30–11:50Manuel LandstorferThermodynamic modeling of electrolytes and their boundary conditions to electrodes
11:50–12:10Victor A. KovtunenkoEntropy method for generalized Poisson--Nernst--Planck equations
12:10–12:30Michael KnielyOn the entropy method and exponential convergence to equilibrium for a recombination-drift-diffusion system with self-consistent potential
14:00–14:40Marianne Bessemoulin-ChatardAnalysis of a finite volume scheme discretizing drift-diffusion systems
14:40–15:00Maxime HerdaRelative entropy properties of monotone schemes for boundary-driven convection-diffusions
15:00–15:20Patricio FarrellHighly accurate quadrature-based Scharfetter--Gummel schemes for charge transport in degenerate semiconductors
15:20–18:30Coffee and Poster Session
Wednesday, October 10, 09:00 - 15:31, ESH
09:00–09:40Christian JirauschekModeling of mode-locked and frequency comb quantum cascade lasers
09:40–10:00Clément JourdanaOn a Bloch-type model with electron-phonon interactions: Modeling and numerical simulations
10:00–10:20Markus KantnerHybrid quantum-classical modeling of quantum dot based single-photon emitting diodes
10:20–10:50Coffee Break
10:50–11:30Viktor SverdlovActual problems in the field of spintronics
11:30–11:50Orazio MuscatoHydrodynamic modeling of electron transport in silicon quantum wires
11:50–12:10Marcel BraukhoffEnergy-transport systems for optical lattices: Derivation, analysis, simulation
12:10–12:30Oliver MarquardtData-driven electronic structure calculations for nanostructures (DESCANT)
14:00–14:40Carlo de FalcoTime and space adaptive multidimensional simulation of thin-film organic devices
14:40–15:00Jin-Han WuA differential method to analyze arbitrary recombination processes in semiconductor devices
15:00–15:20Axel FischerA parameterization for the current-voltage-temperature relation of organic light-emitting diodes for p-Laplace-based large area device simulation