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7th Leibniz MMS Days
April 10 - April 12, 2024

Focus topic
Computational and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Pulsatile flow through the aorta, velocity field volume plot
Computational and Geophysical Fluid Dyanmics (CFD/GFD) is an area whose applications - such as weather forecasting, oceanography, biomedical applications, process technology, material sciences, dynamics of fluid and gases - are relevant for several MMS network members.

This session focuses on fluid dynamics research both from the perspective of these application, and from the point of view of underlying discretization theory, numerical analysis, and robust numerical schemes (e.g., to handle structure-preservation, turbulence modeling, efficient time integration).

Since the mathematical modeling and simulation of CFD/GFD problems often requires the numerical solution of large scale - often coupled - systems of partial differential equations, the session will also include contributions focusing on model order reduction, application of machine learning models, and software development.

The goal of the session is to favour the interdisciplinary exchange between MMS network members from different institutions, sharing experiences, open challenges, and lesson learned. Young researchers are particularly welcome to present and discuss their research work.

Besides contributions on current results in these areas, also contributions on open problems or software development are welcome.