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7th Leibniz MMS Days
April 10 - April 12, 2024

Focus topic
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Mathematics and Applications

Symbol Image Machine Learning
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have contributed significantly to research advances in many scientific fields. Currently, the research connected to AI and ML still intensifies on all levels: from fundamental questions in mathematics or computer sciences including compute architecture and quantum computing all the way to studies on the impact of AI/ML on our societies.

More specifically, in today's scientific landscape we find research on core topics of AI/ML concerning, e.g., mathematical modeling and analysis, the quantification of uncertainties, and the design of efficient solvers in continuous optimization. In engineering and life sciences, for instance, AI/ML methods are further developed and successfully applied to a wide range of applications (such as modern material sciences or medical image processing). We also see scientific disciplines benefitting from off-the-shelf AI/ML solutions in order to deepen their insights or to improve predictions (via deep learning models). Entering a data-driven, automated “world” via AI and ML-research and applications, also new research is sparked in political and social sciences in order to study implications for the further development of our societies.

The Leibniz network on MMS combines institutions from all sections of the Leibniz association, thus rendering the network the ideal place to assess, advance and discuss research on AI/ML from its mathematical core all the way to its societal impact in a holistic way.

(Image left: Andreas Maier / CC BY 4.0; image right: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence / Mike MacKenzie / CC BY 2.0)