Why OpenGL ?

OpenGL provides an easy to understand, but poweful API to 3D (and 2D) computer graphics capabilities. It is well standardized and nowadays available on every serious computer platform. It is thus a safe long term investment to learn and to use OpenGL for rendering of graphical output.

Why gltools ?

gltools has been designed with the needs of numerical analysts in mind. Thus, unless many other packages available, it can be used to enhance existing codes with interactive or non-interactive graphical output. It enhances the OpenGL API with the following additional functionality:
  • Multiple independent windows.
  • Basic interactive handling through mouse and keyboard.
  • Interactive three-dimensional rendering volume.
  • Character output.
  • High quality frame dump in encapsulated postscript format.
  • MPEG video recording of window contents.
  • Piecewise linear function rendering on two- and three-dimensional simplex meshes (landscape view of plane sections, isolevel surfaces, isolines) with an universal, callback based mesh interface

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2010/02/15 T. Streckenbach